17 CPD Hours

Learning Labs

These Learning Labs allow you to receive insight into current practical and procedural methods used in procurement. The Learning Labs cover best-practice case studies to assist in identifying lessons learned, alternative solutions and cost-saving methods that can be implemented into your respective organisations.

LAB 1: Frequently asked Public Sector SCM questions

Dealing with abnormally low bids, arithmetic and clerical mistakes and omissions, market-related pricing, applying objective criteria (PPPFA 2(1)(f)) and further intriguing curved balls.

LAB 2: Psychology of Communication

Communication intelligence for procurement Professionals

LAB 3: Negotiation in Public Sector Procurement

Why does it matter? And how do you successfully navigate that treacherous red tape in Government without overstepping the boundaries?

LAB 4: Value Creation 2.0 - Risk Management for Procurement Professionals

Origin, identification and mitigation techniques

  • How does procurement create value beyond savings? How does it establish its value through risk management techniques?

LAB 5: The Future of Sustainable Procurement in Public Sector

Sustainability considerations for procurement - tools and capabilities



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