09 APRIL 2018



**Invitation only**

07:30 Morning Registration, Breakfast and Networking

08:30 Opening Remarks from Mc

08:45 Professional Body International Keynote Address (CIPS): Moving from conformance to performance

  • What does good governance look like from a procurement perspective?

09:30 Provincial Minister of Finance Keynote Presentation: Driving provincial competitive economy based on Western Cape province upcoming Economic Procurement Policy and collective responsibility

09:45 Recovering from State Capture Keynote Address: Real life lessons from the State Capture Project

  • How can procurement be positioned to protect and strengthen core institutions from in South Africa?

10:30 Campfire Session: 7 high impact procurement innovations that will build public confidence, performing organisations and resultant economic Benefit at provincial level


  • Ways and How's of recovering from State Capture
  • Policy Impact Assessment
  • Governance for results

07:00 Morning Registration, Breakfast and Networking

07:30 Opening Remarks from Mc

08:00 Procurement Leaders Forum Opening Keynote : Understanding " procurement board games "

  • What should procurement leaders grasp NOW to become board-ready?

09:00 Boardroom Competencies

Panel Discussion : The right mix equals greater impact and delivery

  • What skills set should procurement leaders have in order to be fit for purpose at board level?


DAY 2 - TUESDAY, 09 APRIL 2018

COMMON INTEREST ( continued)

11:30 Mayoral Address: Moving from talk to action and getting results

  • How is the City of Cape Town walking the talk and working towards being a world-class city through high impact procurement?
  • What is the City's short to medium term goal to accelerate social and economic growth through high impact procurement?

11:50 International Case Study: Procurement Policy Implementation- Challenges faced and lessons learnt

  • A case study of how to recover from a policy implementation nightmare.

12:30 Policy vs Impact Debate: The revised PPPFA 2017, requires that 30% of government contracts be set aside to empower SMMEs through procurement processes. Now the amended Construction Sector Codes has set out a new disqualifier for Built Environment Professionals, that only 50.1% black ownership would count for business

  • What is the likely impact of this adjustment? How feasible is this in everyday business environment. What is the ripple effect and impact of such a policy? Are policy makers focusing more on ownership than they are on impact?

13:30 Lunch and Networking


Public Sector Supply Chain Summit

Smart Sourcing and Supply Management

14:30 Provincial Treasury Sneak Peek Presentation on Economic Procurement Policy:

How the province's upcoming economic procurement policy will practically impact the ordinary citizen in three fronts:

  • SMME development
  • Youth and Job Creation
  • Community Development

14:30 Case Study: The impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on traditional outsourcing deals and the outsourcing industry.

  • Does outsourcing still have a place in the South African economy?

15:00 Campfire Session: How can you practically integrate preferential procurement into strategic sourcing to achieve the act's intended intention in public sector?

15:00 Case Study of High Impact Strategic Sourcing : How cross-functional collaboration in the strategic sourcing process can deliver significant savings beyond expectation, even in a very mature category

16:00 Public Procurement Legal Cases Update: Understand the disputes, court rulings and the challenges

UNPACKING: Strict compliance with tender conditions

  • ABET Inspection Engineering (Pty) Ltd v The Petroleum Oil & Gas Corporation of South Africa

16:00 Presentation: Innovation and value creation in key supplier partnerships

  • How to reach true partnership with strategic suppliers

16:30 ESD Expo Opening and Networking Cocktail



07:00 Morning Registration, Breakfast and Networking

08:00 Opening Remarks from Mc: Charlotte Kemp, Futures Alchemist, South Africa.

08:15 International Keynote Address: A Focus Global Trends : What will procurement look like in 2030?

  • What are some of the major procurement disruptors that are changing the game?

09:00 Keynote Address: Inclusion of the Black Industrialists in Supply Value Chains

  • How can procurement create an ecosystem that promote government's top priority of inclusive growth and development for BI?

09:15 High Impact Esd Panel Discussion: How do we build a future where economy is expanding, communities are thriving, small businesses are growing and more people are employed through innovative entrepreneurship?

09:45 Case Study: Procurement consequence management : The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply's far reaching mandate has been incorporated into the country's Companies Act

  • How has the Act advocated for professionalisation and under what circumstances can a professional's licence to practice be revoked?

10:30 Workforce and Talent Management Panel Discussion : How to solve the 5 pervasive team challenges that hinders growth and performance , especially in cross-functional teams?

  • Why do most cross functional teams fail and how to ensure yours does not?

11:00 Mid-Morning Refreshments and Networking


Public Sector Supply Chain Summit

Smart Sourcing and Supply Management

11:30 Presentation: The development of impact assessment of EPP on public sector procurement

11:30 Presentation: Hidden opportunities in your indirect spend.

  • How to get indirect spend under control and unlock the hidden revenue in your indirect spend?

12:15 Presentation: Public vs. Private sector perspectives on supply chain management

  • How does winning private sector procurement practices (strategic sourcing) fare in public sector?

12:15 Presentation: Top ten negotiation failures Know what not to do in negotiations!.

13:00 Presentation: An international Public Sector Case Study on making progress on society's biggest problems using data and involving citizens

  • What are the top pillars to great SCM and better public sector service?

13:00 Presentation: Successful Supplier Risk Management & Mitigation Tactics

  • Developing and executing a successful supplier risk management

13:45 Networking Lunch and Expo Viewing


10 April 2019


14:45 Keynote Presentation: High performance leadership and governance that drives Results

  • How is high performance leadership and governance key factors to public confidence and improved organisational performance?
  • How to develop a high-performance culture and process that drives innovation, transformation and economic development?

15:15 Keynote Presentation: Billions disappeared overnight, where did it go? Inside SA's biggest corporate crash

  • On the morning of Tuesday 5 December 2017, the Steinhoff group was worth R193 Billion. 24hrs later, more than R117 Billion of its market value was wiped out. What exactly happened? What is Steinhoff? Who is Markus Jooste and how does he tie in with the so called "Stellenbosch Mafia"?

15:45 Reading of Policy vs Impact Conference Declarations and Resolutions

16:00 End of Conference and Prize Giving



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