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Stimulating Africa’s SMMEs globally and locally through innovative big business and trade linkages

Can Africa trade with Africa? In an ideal world, the answer would be yes. But, despite the introduction of free trade areas, customs unions, and common markets within the region, the level of intra-African trade remains among the lowest in the world. What needs to change?

The summit looks into the feasibility of creating platforms necessary for Africa SMMEs to trade globally and locally through innovative big business and trade linkages.

Key Speakers: 

Margaret Mwanakatwe


Commerce Trade and Industry - Zambia

Prince Dapo Adelegan

President and Chairman

Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC)-Nigeria

Ms. Olive Kigongo


Uganda National Chamber of Commerce &Industry-Uganda

Mr. Thomas Fofie

Head of Business Advisory Centre

National Board for Small Scale Industry: Ministry of Trade and Industry-Ghana

Mr. Tsepo Monaledi

Head: Enterprise Development

De Beers Zimele-South Africa


Africa Trade Summit discusses-

  • The effective of local content, the implementation, the risks and the opportunities
  • The operational and trading risk that SMMEs face when they set their sights to approach global markets
  • Can Africa trade with Africa? Let alone the world? How well prepared are African SMMEs in the context of approaching global markets?
  • The Economics of SMMEs globally and locally to pave way for viable SME destinations
  • Creating ecosystems for Enterprise Development in Africa: Learning from best practice
  • Effective and sustainable incubation policies: What incubators
  • Economic motivation behind Enterprise and Supplier Development in Africa
  • Various policies and acts shaping out SMME development across Africa and analysing the effectiveness of local content strategies
  • Procurement and Supply Chain world-class benchmarking with relevance to ESD and economic growth: Where does procurement and SCM fit in? 
Floor Plan



Mr Mohan Kaul,  Conference Chair
Commonwealth Investment Corporation
The event is hosted in partnership with the Commonwealth Investment Corporation, Dr Mohan Kaul serves as Conference Chair. A champion of globalisation and emerging markets, with business interests in India, Africa and Asia, Dr. Mohan Kaul is an influential and well connected policy adviser, business leader, social entrepreneur, development specialist and academician and who set up a specialist advisory, project development and investment consultancy CIC, on his retirement in 2012 as the founding Director General and Chief Executive Officer and latter Chairman of the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) which was established by the Commonwealth Heads of Government in Edinburgh.


Attendance Projections by designation

  • Ministers
  • Deputy Ministers
  • Chief Directors
  • Deputy Chief Directors
  • Director Generals
  • Deputy Director Generals
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Procurement Officers
  • Heads of Supply Chain
  • Transformation Managers
  • Chief Buyers
  • Transformation Managers
  • Policy makers

Attendance Projections by Category/ Organisation

  • Ministries of Trade and Industry
  • Ministries of Finance
  • Ministries of Small Business Development
  • National Treasury
  • National Planning and Economic Development
  • Parliament/ National Assembly
  • National Government representatives from ESD
  • Transformation and Economic Development
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Banks
  • Development Banks
  • Building Society Banks
  • Small Business Development Agencies
  • Incubators
  • Funders
  • Civil Society