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Driving economic growth, development & transformation


The SOE Summit provides an opportunity for professionals to review and assess their activities in discharging their constitutional mandate of service delivery and economic development.


The Summit includes the SMME/ Enterprise Supplier Development Exhibition with a focus on black owned suppliers that will be showcasing the goods, services and products to buyers, other SME’s and large corporates.


As the state spend over R 500 billion on procurement of goods and services, SOE must lead the transformation and development agenda for the country and ensure that billions spend annually go a long way in industrialising and transforming the economy.


Leaders in Supply Chain will meet as professionals to assist and learn from each other and ensure that best in class tools and frameworks are implemented throughout their value chain. The event also provides an excellent opportunity for enterprises to get feedback from SMME’s and open markets beyond their supply chains. SOE’s and private sector must operate in a symbiotic environment and the summit create a great opportunity to receive back to back feedback from buyer to seller and visa versa.‚Äč


Benefits of attending:

  • Less Theory!
  • Practical examples of dealing with complex problems are provided.
  • Come and listen to case studies that are relevant and practical in the SOE environment that complies with state organs regulation.
  • Suppliers are introduced to new markets or come and find Black Owned suppliers that can be integrated into your supply chains.


International experience shows that governments worldwide are increasingly making use of State Owned Enterprises(SOE’s) as catalysts of growth, development, employment generation and transformation of Economies and Societies. Similarly, in South Africa, SOEs are important agents of change that are able to contribute positively to economic and social transformation, the creation of decent work, growth, economic industrialisation and development of the South African society.


TK Global Experts is hosting all SOE’s in the continent to share their cross border experiences, best practice tools and case studies, frameworks as we reindustrialise Africa. SOE’s from other continents are also invited to share their Supply Chain and Developmental innovations.





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