Mikateko Media is a strategic communications agency, and our strength lies in using content as a powerful tool to create conversations between brands and their audiences. Mikateko Media works across diverse disciplines and industries, and offers an end-to-end publishing solution. We package and design custom communications from freight and logistics to aeroplanes and pretty frocks. We invest in the very best editorial and creative talent and have earned the respect of our industry since 2008.

Mikateko Media is a dynamic black, female-owned and controlled boutique communication agency, with an audited track record of eight years and is a proud level 1 B-BBEE supplier.

Mikateko Media also produces JUICE, the inflight magazine for Mango Airlines, with a print run of 16,500 - 20,000, a readership of 270 000 - 310 000 guests and 1700 flights per month.

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