07:00 Morning registration, breakfast and networking 07:00 Morning registration, breakfast and networking
08:30 OPENING REMARKS FROM MC: Femi Adebanji, Service Excellence Leadership Expert, South Africa 08:00 OPENING REMARKS FROM MC: Femi Adebanji, Service Excellence Leadership Expert, South Africa
08:45 CIPS OPENING KEYNOTE: Back to the future of Procurement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are rapidly redefining the traditional role of Procurement Professionals. Simultaneously organisations require ever higher standards of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. What skill set will be required of the future Procurement Professional?
  • Take a close look into emerging best-in-class people development initiatives and analyse key trends that will open up opportunities for the procurement function
Duncan Brock (FCIPS), Group Director, CIPS, United Kingdom
PROCUREMENT LEADERS FORUM is an exclusive breakfast gathering for senior procurement leaders only. Attendance is strictly by invitation by a fellow a procurement leader/ Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) and limited to 50 procurement leaders. Discussions are strategic, futuristic and about vital issues that impact procurement leaders and their organisations.
  • Global Trends
  • Disruptive thinking
  • Politics shaping business
  • Out of industry perspectives and insights
Moderator: Debora Patta, Former Executive Producer & Anchor: Current Affairs- 3rd Degree, South Africa
  • Kumesh West, Director: Executive Education, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town
  • Jonathan Hughes, Partner, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Practice Leader, Vantage Partners, USA
  • Doris Viljoen, Senior Futurist, Institute for Futures Research, University of Stellenbosch
  • Sarina Viljoen, The Global Authority on Digital Transformation, Author of Pitfalls of going Digital, South Africa
09:15 SA ECONOMIC OUTLOOK 2019: There is optimism about political change but economic challenges persist. SA's rating fortunes still maintain a negative outlook.
  • What can procurement expect from the year ahead? Are we likely to see more of the same or is change really on the way?
Jeff Gable, Chief Economist & Head of Research, Absa Group
09:30 Transitional break and networking
10:00 WELCOME REMARKS FROM MC: Femi Adebanji, Service, Excellence Leadership Expert, South Africa
10:05 CITY OF JOHANNESBURG WELCOME ADDRESS: Corruption and unethical behaviour is an ongoing concern for major cities around the world
  • How is the City of Johannesburg working towards a world class city through clean governance?
  • How is the City ensuring that the board stays out of procurement while giving procurement its mandate to influence?

Dr Ntombi Valencia Khumalo, MMC for Corporate and Shared Services, City of Johannesburg

10:30 BUSINESS LEADERSHIP SOUTH AFRICA KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Protecting and strengthening core institutions from a procurement perspective
  • Six-pack for eliminating state capture and building state integrity through world class procurement mechanisms
11:00 PRESIDENTIAL KEYNOTE ADDRESS: During the State of the Nation Address, corruption crackdown and strong governance was flagged high on the agenda
  • What role should procurement play in combating corruption and increasing corruption governance?
  • How should procurement respond to the zero percent tolerance to procurement fraud when senior people in the organisation might be involved?
  • What mandate should procurement be given in surfacing fraudulent activities?
11:30 Mid-morning refreshments and networking
12:00 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Ministry Of Crime by Mandy Wiener
  • A showcase of how organised crime, gangsters and powerful political figures have been able to capture the law enforcement authorities and Agencies. What role has Procurement played in this regard - Innocent bystanders or active accomplices.
Mandy Wiener, an award-winning investigative journalist and co-author of "One Tragic Night: The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial," South Africa.
12:30 WHAT WILL THE 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MEAN FOR THE PROCUREMENT FUNCTION? The future is mobile, automated and digital: Separating fact from fiction
  • How Artificial Intelligence will (and won't) change procurement and contracting
  • Leading Procurement innovation through advances in emerging technology
  • How digital labour is transforming operational procurement: removing transactional work
  • How do you drive superior value through digital procurement?
Bertrand Maltaverne, International Procurement Digitalist, Austria
13:00 PRESENTATION: The procurement guide to blockchain technology and how it will change our world
  • Early applications of blockchain in supply chain: Automotive, freight and logistics
13:30 Lunch and networking


Public Sector Supply Chain Summit

Smart Sourcing & Supply Management
(Private Sector)

14:00 NATIONAL TREASURY KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Introducing the new public procurement act
  • How can procurement be utilised to achieve national objectives while ensuring economic growth, transformation, service delivery and accountability?
Representative from National Treasury, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer

  • How retailers handled recalls from the listeria outbreak
  • How recalls are managed successfully
  • Communications challenges
  • Lessons learnt
Girland Chibaya, Head: Strategic Planning, Pick n Pay
14:45 GLOBAL ECONOMIC TRENDS AFFECTING GOVERNMENT: Global Economic Trends are not a prediction of what is going to happen but rather a statement of current events shaping how organisations and governments make choices about international competitiveness and strategies for better performance
  • So what is the real impact of Global Economic Trends on national policy?
Franziska Sporri, International Economist, Programme Manager, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Switzerland
14:30 PRESENTATION: Rethinking Procurement: The Dynamic Marketplace Procurement leaders are being challenged to reduce costs, increase overall business value, and keep up with increasingly rapid changes in technology. This presentation will examine a dynamic marketplace with real-time offers and visibility into enabling more cost effective, reduced contract management for unplanned spend, and higher levels of end-user adoption.
  • Opportunities for reducing internal overhead
  • The future potential of procurement platforms
Ben Van Zyl, Chief Procurement & Contracts Officer, Open Serve (Part of Telkom)
15:30 PRESENTATION: An international Public Sector Case Study: Making progress on society's biggest problems requires governments to make better use of data, involve citizens, invest in employees and collaborate with other sectors.
  • What are the top pillars to great SCM and better public sector service?
Stephen Wills, (FCIPS MBA CIPS), International Senior Procurement & Supply Chain expert, Former CPO in Public & Private Business Sectors
15:30 GOOD RFPs RESULT IN GOOD RESPONSES AND VICE VERSA! Procurement wastes time drafting substandard RFPs and then expect great responses form their suppliers.
  • What do leading suppliers think about RFPs, and where has procurement gone wrong in their opinion? Learn from a leading bid manager as to what mistakes Procurement makes when putting bids together and what a good bid looks like from a supplier perspective.
16:00 ATTRACT AND RETAIN SUPERIOR TALENT: How do you attract and retain great people to work in public sector procurement department? 16:00 PANEL DISCUSSION: ATTRACT AND RETAIN SUPERIOR TALENT The best workers do the best and the most work. But many companies battle to find and keep them.
  • What skills and experience are most in demand right now?
  • How important is behaviour and "soft skills"?
Moderator: Dr Abdul Mahomed, Head of Professional Body, CIPS South Africa
  • Blessings Mahumutsha MCIPS, Group Contracts Implementation, Anglo American
  • Ayanda Nteta, Senior General Manager: Primary Energy, Eskom
  • Pretty Ntombela, Chief Procurement Officer, Conlog
  • Deon Mocke, Chief Procurement Officer, AVI Limited
16:30 ESD Expo opening and networking cocktail


Common Interest

07:00 Morning registration, breakfast and networking
08:00 OPENING REMARKS FROM MC: Femi Adebanji, Service Excellence Leadership Expert, South Africa>
08:30 OPENING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Demystifying Blockchain and its Impact on Supply Chain
09:15 PROCUREMENT CONSEQUENCE MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY: The Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply's far reaching mandate has been has been incorporated in the country's Companies Act:
  • How has the act advocated for professionalisation?
  • How does it protect the professional that stands for what is right while bringing the rest to task?
  • What consequences are there for individuals that act unprofessionally?
  • Under what circumstances can a professional's license to practice be revoked and
  • What are the consequences for individuals practicing procurement without a valid license to practice?
Chibwe Mwelwa, Procurement Director, Millennium Challenge Account, President, Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply
10:00 DEPARTMENT OF SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Utilising provisions in current legislation to move from talk to delivery mode and grow small businesses
10:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: HOW TO UNLOCK VALUE THROUGH INNOVATIVE ESD MODELS: It takes innovation to get value out of your ESD programme. This panel gives you the vital keys to unlocking innovation within your organisation, taking an innovative approach beyond just transformation obligations.
  • 5 things to consider when you initiate and integrate a successful ESD strategy
Moderator: Malcolm Farrell, Director, Supply Chain Network
  • Jan De Kock, Head of SMME Banking, Absa
  • Abigail Khumalo, Executive Manager: Supply Chain Management, Gautrain
  • Cornelia Olivier, Head of Sourcing, Corporate Services, Absa
  • Wiso Mdlalo, Group Procurement Manager, Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages
11:00 SHAKING UP MONOPOLY SUPPLIERS! The DTI's Black Industrialist (BI) programme is aimed at reconfiguring the South African industrial landscape, with the creation of new entrants that will shake up existing supply structures. This will open up opportunities for procurement in finding new sources of supply or being able to negotiate with companies that have monopolised the supply base.
  • How is the BI programme being implemented and which industries are soon to be affected?
11:30 Mid-morning refreshments and networking


Public Sector Supply Chain Summit

12:15 Presentation: The status and plans for public sector competency development
Mark Kuipers, Chief Director: SCM Client Support, National Treasury
12:15 Innovation and Value Creation in Key Supplier Partnerships
  • How to Reach True Partnership with Strategic Suppliers
  • Creating a Culture That Embraces Creativity and Increases Your Capacity to Innovate
  • Engagement, Alignment and Value Creation in Disruptive Times
  • Innovation Is the Key to Creating Competitive Advantage
Jonathan Hughes, Partner, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Practice Leader, Vantage Partners, USA
12:45 LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (LED) IN PRACTICE: When correctly implemented, LED is a bottom-up development approach that will unleash the development potential of a locality.
  • What has been some recent LED success stories and case studies? Hear from a top LED manager in the country as they explore procurement drivers to a successful LED programme and linking it to provincial economic growth.
Cheryl Phillips, Senior Manager: Economic Growth and Tourism, Drakenstein Municipality
12:45 CEO KEYNOTE ADDRESS: How to foster belief, energy and trust in your organisation's executive team that procurement will drive innovation and act as a trusted business advisor
13:15 PRESENTATION: The liabilities imposed on SCM Role Players in the public sector.
  • Discussing the Joint and Several Liability developments and the judgement in the Ethekwini court case
  • What can SCM practitioners do to protect themselves?
Prof Geo Quinot, Vice Dean, Faculty of Law Professor, Department of Public Law, Director: African Procurement Law Unit, Stellenbosch University
Negotiation is a key skill for any procurement professional. Knowing what to do and how to do it is important. But equally important is know what not to do!
  • Chris Voss has saved thousands of lives in hostage negotiations. He's negotiated against the world's most maniacal terrorists. Now he helps others negotiate. He helps companies, individuals and governments.
13:45 Lunch and networking



14:45 POLITICAL DEBATE: BUYING LOCAL vs GLOBAL: Sometimes the most cost effective sourcing strategy might require goods to be sourced from outside our borders. But the best thing for our local economy and transformation is to buy locally. Which is best? Is there a way to innovatively transform our economy and procurement practices.
16:00 Comedy Showdown: South Africa's toughest yet funniest political analyst.
16:30 End of conference



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