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Economic and industry progress on thecontinent requires existing multinational organisations, SOE's,OEM's and industrial pioneers to identify high potential organisations within their supply chain or industry chains as beneficiaries for development.

Due to fewer black owned industrial organisations in the industry and limited experience in these entities, it is of paramount importance that leading organisations identify, secure and set aside developmental funds to support the growth of empowered organisation for the continent.

EEMI (Empowered Engineering & Manufacturing Initiative)is the platform for industry players to share opportunities and challenges for small and medium empowered organisations, training, facilitation of industry initiatives, and driving of ESD partnerships (funding, training, mentoring, support) and other important focus areas in this sector..

The initiative requires sponsors, experts and industry stakeholders to drive conversations that are relevant beyond BEE for the continent including:
- capacity
- intellectual property development
- skills transfer & knowledge exchange
- intercontinental trading

Without these one cannot create empowered organisations as these are the institutional fundamentals that create importance interventions that take into account a shared mental model, localization and a strong social balance in creating opportunities for all people but particularly the majority population in each country.

Smart Procurement World/ Enterprise & Supplier Development Expo in partnership with Industry Body, (Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) brings the collaborative launch of EEMI at the event 19/20 September 2017

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